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LISTEN, I know where you’re coming from!

At school I specialized in science. I was always interested in writing, but given a choice between churning out essays on Shakespeare or performing exciting practical experiments in the school’s space-age science lab, I’m afraid the test tubes won every time!

But when I left school and realized I wanted to be a writer, I knew I’d have to polish up my English.

So I begged, borrowed or bought every guide to writing I could lay my hands on, and spent many hours alone in my room studying them.

And even though nowadays I’m a successful freelance writer and editor, I’m still fascinated by English. I love nothing more than explaining in simple terms the intricacies of grammar, punctuation and style to aspiring writers.

...And that’s EXACTLY what I’ve done in my brand new manual ESSENTIAL ENGLISH FOR AUTHORS!

But before I tell you about that, let me introduce myself...

Introducing Nick Daws

My name is Nick Daws, and I’m a professional freelance writer living in the UK. I’ve written over 70 books, and innumerable published articles, short stories and so on. I’m the author of “Write Any Book in Under 28 Days” and “Quick Cash Writing”, both published by the WCCL Network.

I get lots of feedback from buyers of my courses, but one thing has become clear. There are many folk out there who have stories they desperately want to tell, factual books they really want to write. But they never do so, because they are worried that their written English simply isn’t good enough.

So, for all these people, I decided to create a concise, easy-to-read guidebook designed to help any aspiring author beat that barrier and take the first step to becoming a published writer.

And THAT’S how "Essential English for Authors" was born!

Essential English for Authors will take you through everything you need to know to ensure that your writing is given serious consideration by editors and publishers – not dismissed at first glance as being too badly written to bother with.

As an editor and writing teacher myself, as well as a professional author, I know very well those areas where people are most likely to slip up.

In my manual I’ve highlighted these areas, and explained in simple terms how to negotiate them correctly. Here are just a few of the many things you’ll learn...

Is it “between you and me” or “between you and I”?
ONLY ONE of these is ever correct! (2–2)
Where should you put the apostrophe in expressions such as the boy’s room and the people’s choice? Here’s a simple but foolproof rule you can follow. (4–5)
What is a split infinitive? And is it EVER correct to use one? (2–4)
Is it “our team is” or “our team are”? This easy rule will help you make the right decision every time.  (2–2)
Is it "grandmother" or "Grandmother"? The answer DOES depend. We give you the hard and fast rule! (6-4)
What is a comma splice, and why should you try to avoid this in your writing? (2–5)
Which of these is correct? “Neither Ruth nor I are able to come” or “Neither Ruth nor I am able to come.” Find the right answer here, along with the reason. (7–1)
What is the vocative comma? Many new writers don’t know about this, but failing to use it correctly will mark you out as an amateur. (5–1)
What are the three main uses of the semi-colon? And how about the colon? Used correctly, these punctuation marks are invaluable. Used incorrectly, they WILL embarrass you. (4–2)
Is it “lie” or “lay”? When should you write “laid” and when “lain”? In spoken English people get this wrong all the time. But as a writer, you need to get this correct. (9–8)
What common word doesn’t mean what most people think it does? Save yourself embarrassment in future by reading this article! (9–1)
When should you use “affect” and when “effect”? HINT: The answer isn’t as simple as you might think! (9–4)
I hope that will give you at least an idea of the must-know info you’ll find in Essential English for Authors, all set out in a concise, easy-to-read style.

But in case you’re still not convinced, here’s a further taster of what’s in the twelve modules...

Mini-guide to writing dialog.
Many new writers are hopeless at punctuating and setting out dialog – but if you’re going to write fiction in particular, you must be able to do this. Find out everything you need to know in this module.
Punctuation Primer.
In this module I’ve set out all the main punctuation marks and explained their correct use, along with mistakes that are commonly made. From colons to dashes, commas to exclamation points, it’s all set out here for you, with plenty of examples to illustrate correct (and incorrect) use.
The Rules of Capitalization.
Many new writers agonize over whether they should use initial capitals for some words or not. Worry no more! This module sets out all the main rules, and ensures you should always know whether to use an initial capital.
Sentence and Paragraph Construction.
This module covers the key topic of how you combine words and punctuation into sentences and paragraphs. It explains what makes a “grammatical sentence”, and reveals the exact function performed by paragraphs. Essential reading!
Subject and Verb Agreement.
This is another common problem area for new writers. Agreement is one of those technical things that is very easy to get wrong. This module looks at the wide range of situations where agreement can present difficulties, and explains the rules to follow to ensure your writing doesn’t become ungrammatical.
Improve Your Spelling.
Okay, we all know that English isn’t always as logical as we might like where spelling is concerned, but this module sets out a number of rules which can greatly improve your skills in this area. Plus it looks at common spelling mistakes, the use of computer spell-checkers, and the differences between US and UK English.
Putting on the Style.
I haven’t stopped at the basics either. In this module I turn my attention to some more “advanced” topics. Don’t worry, none of it is rocket science, neither is it strictly essential if you hope to write for publication. But if you’re aiming to write to the highest professional standard ­– and why shouldn’t you? – the information in this module will put you on course for the top literary awards!

And there's much, much more...

For example, I’ve devoted an entire module to useful websites and other resources. These include online dictionaries and style guides, along with my all-time favorite grammar website. Among many other things, this little-known site has over 170 free, online quizzes about grammar and punctuation, together with in-depth articles, Q&A’s, and more.

And speaking of quizzes, naturally there’s a complete module in Essential English for Authors devoted to them. Here you can test your understanding of the principles set out in the guide, and see if you have achieved the minimum standard required for publication.

OK, so my manual WON’T turn you into Shakespeare overnight...

If you read it carefully and put its advice into practice, however, it WILL ensure that an editor’s first impressions of your work are not spoiled by elementary mistakes in English.

With that barrier overcome, the editor will be able to focus on the content of your work – the ideas you are trying to express, or the story you are seeking to tell. If your writing has the potential to appeal to a wide audience, the editor will be able to see it, and hopefully offer you a publishing contract.

And here's the thing...

Your English DOESN’T have to be perfect for your book (or article, or story) to be accepted for publication.

It just has to be good enough so that an editor can see beyond any minor mistakes to the quality of ideas within.

Remember – ANY reputable publisher will have a team of expert editors and proofreaders he or she can turn to. As long as your basic English is sound – as it will be if you’ve studied my guide carefully – these people will perform the final polish needed to bring your work up to a publishable standard.

Neither does it matter if you’re not a native English speaker. Many people for whom English is a second or even third language have successfully written books in English. The huge English-speaking audience world-wide means their books have sold many more copies (and made a lot more money!) than would ever have been the case if the books had been written in their native language.

Equally, English may be your first language, but perhaps you’re now aware of shortcomings in your basic skills. Maybe you were let down by the educational system, or health or family problems disrupted your schooling...


Just following the advice in my manual will ensure that your work meets the minimum standard to ensure it is taken seriously by publishers and editors (actually, if you follow all the advice in it carefully, your work will be far above that minimum standard).

Then, if you have a good story to tell, there is every chance that a publisher or editor will want to buy it.

"So, Are YOU Ready to Order Essential English for Authors
& Bring Your Written English to a Publishable Standard?"

Well, hold on just one second, because I’m not finished yet!

I want you to be absolutely confident that if you buy my manual it WILL help you achieve your writing goals.

So in Essential English for Authors I reveal a special website where you can ask any question you wish about grammar, spelling or punctuation and get it answered either by me or one of my colleagues.

The chances are any query you have will be answered in the manual anyway – but if by chance it’s not, you can get it answered here free of charge, and normally within 24 hours.

So there you are.

If you want to write for publication but are worried your English may let you down, my unique manual is all you need to overcome this barrier and achieve publishing success.

But DON’T just take MY word for it!

Read these unsolicited testimonials – just a few from the many hundreds in my publisher’s mailbag – from people who have bought Essential English for Authors and are already well on the road to becoming successful writers...

"Every great writer has questions about the English language. It's incredibly quirky. This guide from Nick answers EVERYTHING. He provides quick, solid rules that will change your writing - and possibly your life. I've read dozens of similar guidebooks, but nothing comes close to this. Worth fifty times the price. Thanks, Nick!"
- Karl Moore, best-selling author

"Essential English for Authors is a book that delivers exactly what it says in the title. I couldn’t believe the amount of knowledge I picked up in just the first few pages. I’ve been a writer for over 10 years and I thought I knew everything there was to know about writing. But Essential English for Authors has really opened my eyes. I plan to read it many more times because it’s become my Bible for the English language!"

- Ruth Barringham,

"Nick Daws has done it again. This time, a resource that will help new writers get to grips with the complexities of language and learn their craft well. A must for every wannabe writer and working author alike!"

- Mel McIntyre, author & copywriter

"As the owner of the WriteThisMoment job site, I know how important it is to impress editors QUICKLY. In this course, Nick shows you EXACTLY what editors are looking for. He'll open your eyes to errors you don't even realize you're making! Then he'll tell you how to fix them. Brilliant course, Nick!"

- Carol Anne Strange, best-selling author

"English is a quirky language! And sometimes you can write a sentence ten different ways. Get it wrong, and you're never going to get published. Nick's course removes ALL of the confusion. I run a writing consultancy and see these errors all the time. Read this course & find out how to fix 'em!"

- Suzanne Harris, author
- Owner, E-Type Writing Consultancy


"I've written a dozen books, and like to think I'm a pretty good writer. I bought this course out of curiosity: Nick showed me what I was consistently doing wrong, and how to fix it. I'm amazed. If you love the English language, you'll love this course. Absolutely BRILLIANT, and ESSENTIAL for authors everywhere.”

- Bradley Thompson, best-selling author
"Oh my gosh, Nick... I just bought this. I've been looking through it as it prints. This is fantastic. I'm amazed at the number of things I have forgotten.

"I rarely endorse products (and you know why), but I am really impressed. I just want to say thank you for the time and effort you put into this. It would have taken me months to compile all of this information."
- "Nadine L", moderator at My Writers Circle

So how much is Essential English for Authors?

Well, considering there is nothing like it available elsewhere and it could easily set you on the path to a high-earning career as a freelance writer or author, I could have charged upwards of $100 (that’s still much less than the cost of all the reference books I read when I was starting out).

Indeed, that’s what my publishers originally urged me to do when they saw the unique and invaluable information the manual contained.

I don’t want to exclude people for whom money is tight, however.

I remember how frustrated I felt when I first realized I wanted to be a writer yet didn’t have the basic skills to get my words down on paper. I got there the hard way – and that’s why I was so determined that readers of my manual would NOT need to struggle as I did to get their hands on the basic info required to write to a publishable standard.

Writing has been good to me, and I want to share that good fortune with other aspiring writers. That’s why I’ve agreed with my publishers to set the launch price of Essential English for Authors at just $24.95.

However, this rock-bottom price WILL go up to a more realistic level after the launch period is over.

So I do strongly recommend – if you want a copy of Essential English for Authors, don’t wait too long, or you may have to pay A LOT MORE for it!

There it is then – a unique and genuine opportunity for you to grasp now. Spend just $24.95 today and you can receive Essential English for Authors in minutes. You can download it straight to your computer, and be polishing your English skills this very day if you wish.

Even so, I don’t want you feel that you are taking ANY CHANCES AT ALL in ordering my manual. Though it is priced for affordability, I don’t want anyone to worry that they will not be getting excellent value for money.

So, in conjunction with my publishers, I’m offering you the following AMAZING, NO-RISK GUARANTEE…

100% Money-Back Gurantee!

I hope by now I’ve convinced you that with the aid of my manual you really can bring your writing up to a publishable standard, and enjoy all the cash, prestige and personal satisfaction being a published author brings.

So don’t delay a moment longer.

To order Essential English for Authors RIGHT NOW, just click below…

Click HERE to learn Essential English!

We accept credit cards, USA/UK checks and telephone orders.
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Works on Windows & Mac computers. Delivered electronically as a PDF file.
Costs $24.95, converted to local currency. Approx. �15.95 or 17.95 Euros.


I hope my manual will provide the passport to the better life you have always dreamed of.

Yours sincerely
Nick Daws
NICK DAWS, Author of 70+ Books
Essential English for Authors

P.S. Just to emphasize this point again, the current price is a special launch offer that WILL NOT BE REPEATED. If you want to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, therefore, please do it now, before the price rises to its regular level.

P.P.S. Remember – under the terms of my publisher’s unique guarantee, you really have NOTHING TO LOSE by taking up this offer, and potentially a WHOLE NEW LIFE TO GAIN when you become a successful, published author.

P.P.S.S. And finally, once you’ve brought your writing up to a publishable standard, do check out my CD course “Write any Book in Under 28 Days”, which will help you turn your idea into a book in double-quick time. Or if you want to start earning as soon as possible. see my course “Quick Cash Writing”. With your new, improved English skills, earning good money from writing really is an achievable goal. LET MY COURSES SPEED YOU ON THE WAY TO SUCCESS!

"This is just a quick email to thank you for your new course - Essential English for Authors – this is just what I have been looking for. Thank you!”
- Jim Partington, jim AT
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